Monday, May 07, 2007

Poeticization of Me? Only this once and it's all her fault.

I wrote this poem for my wife on Valentine's Day. If you don't like it, keep in mind that I'm not much of a poet and my wife is so amazing that she inspired a non-poet to poeticize. If you do like it, she gets all the credit.

before i met you

footprints behind me, on the beach
were all the places that i'd been
in every place i thought the same
on different sands I was alone

one day i found another's tracks
i thought, but i had not found that
instead i'd walked the world around
and found my own footprints again

i thought i'd walk until i died
an empty man with empty tracks
staring ahead with stubborn hope
and measuring my life in laps

and then one day there you were
walking towards me on my beach
you'd been walking on it too
making circles on the earth

you took my hand and smiled at me
alive and warm i felt your glow
and for the first time in my life
i knew some things i could not prove

that you love me and i love you
that fate has blessed us both with this
that we will never be alone
and that this place was worth the walk.


Michelle said...


I think marrying later may actually be a vastly better experience because you appreciate it more, plus you're old enough to know who you (both) are and be comfortable with that.

Recently on another blog there was a challenge to tell your "lobster story". The lost love story.

I told a story of someone who got away, but truth is my real "lobster" I found four years ago.. and married him. :-) Your poem reminded me a lot of how I feel with him. Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

lovely have crafted it so beautifully...wonderful poem!