Sunday, October 14, 2007

Dennis Miller said, "What is this 'tat', and how can I get some of it to trade?" In that vein, doesn't the phrase "giving someone lip" sound like it should mean something much more fun than it actually does?

Completely unrelated(ly), my wife thought of the best name ever for a warmongering cat: Hungry Hissinger. Nukes: cats ask for them by name!

Enough comedy for now. I was accepted to write for Damn Interesting a couple of weeks ago. Damn cool site - check it out. Anyway, it takes a lot more time to write for them than it does to blog. I'll try to post here and there, but with 2 kids on the way it is going to be slow going. I have to get off my but and stack up some firewood for the winter too. Or I guess I could always just do what I did last winter: cut/split a few wet pieces at a time and use explosives to get them lit every day. BTW, if you are my insurance agent, I'm just kidding. If you anyone else...seriously. Explosives. Also vegetable oil (in a pinch).

Well, it is 5:30AM and I haven't slept yet. Sorry this post is so short and ditzy. I hope it made you laugh a little.


mghtyred said...

Exploding cats, ehh? Very entertaining! Not Even Doom Music will make me want to see an exploding cat. You did write this at 4:20am though... perhaps the hour was setting your mind a wandering. Exploding cats you say.

It can be very easy to write at that hour of the morning. The problem of course is usually when writing at that particular hour of the morning things tend to get a bit fuzzy, don't they?

Am I correct in assuming it was high levels of Codine causing this?

Seriously though, I don't fully understand what was going on, but that's ok. Sometimes you're just not supposed to understand. Perhaps someone somewhere else is reading your post and finding it to be the most profound statement of our time, while I just chalk it up to hits from da' bong.

Anonymous said...

yo,man!you're reaky freaked out!you know!exploding cats!cccc

Yikes! said...

You said, "...with 2 kids on the way..." Would you encourage your spouse to travel overseas and have her use the Amnio Trainer? Sounds risky. The brain is an electro-chemical system. Shocks may have some unforeseen consequences beyond creating better soccer players.