Wednesday, November 19, 2008

There are two grassy meadows next to each other, hanging out. The first one says, "I think I hear something coming."

Second one says, "Yeah."

First one says, "Look - it is a herd."

A herd of cattle comes tearing through over the second meadow, making a ruckus.

When they are past, the first meadow says, "Hey, are you alright?"

The second meadows replies, "Yeah, they only grazed me."


LOVISH said...

Old things under the sun , really after reading it one has to think about that plants also live and also communicate with each other. They also do care for each other , just like human beings they also have a life cycle. They grow, live , intake sunlight, carbon dioxide prepare food for themselves but in the end they have to become food for somebody else.They also have feelings and emotions .Though unlike human beings can protect themselves they can not do that but still they are always calm never complaining anybody.So these old things under sun are real worth of nature .

Snuggie Sightings said...

As a boy, I often had to mow my parents' lawn with nothing but a pair of scissors. My father made sure they were sufficiently dull to the task.

In my adult life, I find myself in similar jobs. With that backdrop, I find myself sitting here contemplating what you have written and it has caused me to rethink my entire life.

I can truly say that I identify with the second field. Thank you for the insight.

My two cents.