Friday, November 17, 2006

Intelligent Designers are all oxymorons, and God is an idea.

People that believe in intelligent design (let’s call it ID because I think that is funny) are the intellectual equivalent of the folks that are talking to their psychic right now. For those of you who believe that psychics are real, stop reading now and go look for something dumb, warm, and fluffy to expose yourself to. You believe because you want to, and there is no point pretending to read things that conflict. Construct broken but impassioned arguments for the delusional pleasure of yourself and your ilk elsewhere.

Time for the meat. The core of the ID argument is this: "Life is too complex/beautiful/specialized to have self-evolved without external influence."

While I was writing in bed just now, my little cat jumped on my chest, turned around, and sat down with here stinky little cat ass one inch from my face. If I believed in ID, I might reason something like this: "Wow, look at that wonder of nature, the anus. How perfectly it is suited to its function. It is impossible that something that melds form and function as exquisitely as an anus could be an accident of nature."

The primary fallacy of this argument (and don't get me wrong, there are many) is the opening assumption that something is 'too perfect', 'too amazing', or 'too complex' to have self-constructed because these descriptives are relative to the observer.

The fact that a structure is too complex for an idiot to understand does not mean that it was created by a super-intelligent all-powerful being. Hell, the fact that a structure is too complex for a GENIUS to understand doesn't mean that God made it either.
Seeing God in living things isn't just sloppy logic. It is egomaniacal to a fault. Remember Ockham's razor. Here are your choices:

1. We are too dumb to understand everything, even though we figure out some of the easy stuff.

2. We are so smart that since we don't understand everything, it must have all been made by God.

The best part is that the people that pick #2 are dumber or average than the folks that choose #1. Yeah, don't try to argue with that. You know it’s true. Go irony.

Now I'm not an atheist either. Atheism is as much of a religion as anything else. Anytime you are confident that something does or does not exist without reasonable data to support your position, you are moving into shallow water. I have a friend that is very smart, but is an atheist. I give him endless grief over being as intellectually dishonest as any other religious person. Sometimes he halfheartedly tries to defend himself, but he always rolls over and plays dead. He knows he is wrong. Yeah, Dallas, I'm talking to you.

There is only once answer to the question of faith. It is indeterminate. And since it will always be indeterminate, go find something else to do with your time.


BAOBAO said...

The chance of generate a correct haemoglobin molecule is 20 times itself 149 times. What's this number will be?-- 1 with 190 noughts after. If there is A God or Gods, they better pray they have infinite butss to work their asses off.

BAOBAO said...


Sorry for my impatience of learning English. I modified my comments again, is this a little bit clear now?

A haemoglobin molecule consists of 4 chains of amino acids. Each chain consists 146 amino acids and there are around 20 common different kinds of amino acids found in living things. The chance of arranging a correct combination of haemoglobin molecule is one in 20 to the 149 power. What's this number will be?-- 1 with 190 noughts after. Then how much work will it take our God to just creat one person? If there is A God or Gods, they better wish they can have infinite butts to work their asses off.