Thursday, November 02, 2006

Old men with young girls...

Here is an open question for anyone that reads this. Why do old men become such fools for young girls? I have seen it time and again. Hell, pick almost ANY frosted and/or reverse mohawked retiree and watch him trip over himself when a mildly attractive young woman is present.

I’m not talking about a particularly lecherous dynamic either - just the intoxicated look so many get around female youth. The older they are the less they hide it. Perhaps it was omnipresent and just becomes more visible when people get to old to care what the rest of us think. Like maple leaves turning red in the fall. Analogy police: "Step away from the laptop, sir." Adam: "Drop that eraser or I'll smoke your partner like a salmon."

Concentrate Danielsan. So the question is why. Did evolution teach us that trick, rewarding the fogies that got in a few last pokes with additional progeny to carry on their affinity for intergenerational humpty-hump? I like that explanation, right or wrong. Reminds me of a kid trying to sneak cookies fresh out of the oven. Take that Sergeants Strunk and White.

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