Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Ars Gratia Partis?

Someone asked me today if I was aware that China was trying to open up an international market for tiger parts. Not being a crunchy lunatic, my answer was no. Being a top 100 man myself, I asked him why he was so obsessed with the 12,834th scariest thing that China is doing. As long as people are being abused and there are flagrant human rights problems, I have a hard time breaking out the "stop farming tigers now" placard.

Know why you've heard of tree-huggers but not tiger-huggers? Trees don't eat or kill people. Now if you are a hippie-type I know what you are going to say - tigers to don't kill or eat people. That is what Roy (of Siegfried and Roy) says too.

Caring about things like this must happen in the same part of the brain that handles art appreciation. Speaking of art - have you been to a big metropolitan museum recently? They are wasting a LOT of prime office space on displaying art and stuff. SAVE THE TIGERS!


Gregory A. Becerra said...

So are you suggesting saving all the tigers by hiding them in our metropolitan museums? Maybe keep them sedated and try to pass them off as stuffed? Or post-modern art?

I think tree-hugger is common while tiger-hugger is not because there are not groups of people that have sex with trees (at least not in their natural state). But there are people that have sex with animals so tiger-hugger may not be the most marketable term. I think "animal rights activists" is what is in vogue.

I would think tiger lovers would support the Chinese in this and encourage them to farm tigers. Cows are in no danger of becoming extinct despite them being delicious. Who knows, tiger may taste GR-R-REAT!

sevenwarlocks said...

You guys shouldn't piss off the tigers. They have eerie powers.

Eve said...

Hehehe.... Finally catching up on your blog.

I love you. :)

RB said...

Life will be full of shit if the restaurant we go to don't have this main dish called'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon'. Yes, we Chinese eat everything. Can American businessman export some duck vagina to us? Ducks extincted in China. Man their vaginas are tasty! God people are boring!

About art i have different stand. Everything exist for a reason can be good or bad so hate or not people need it.