Saturday, April 21, 2007

Shouldn't ', liberty, and the pursuit of happiness' include the right to keep my deodorant?

So when you check-in at an airport now, you have to put your "liquids and gels" in a baggy. The bag isn't to contain your deodorant specifically, but to define the maximum volume of allowable liquid/gel carryons. But the whole process is grotesquely stupid. I can think of a dozen ways to get around it, and so can anyone that isn't stupid. For God's sake, you can buy a bottle of 100 proof vodka...alcohol is kind of flammable. But constantly creating and revising arbitrary rules serves several purposes: it keeps people afriad, it helps people feel that someone is doing something (even if it won't help at all), and it provides jobs for government employees.

The way the DHS has handled travel rules is a good example of something that is deeply wrong with our country. We are willing to spend billions of dollars and cause significant inconvenience to millions of people for the illusion of protection. A bad person hellbent on doing a bad thing will always find a way to do it. No silly bureacratic rules will stop it - they will only pile up until they make a mess of everyone's lives.

Can we stop living in fear and just deal with the fact that every time we travel there is one chance in 500,000 that something bad will happen? Wait a week and watch what the repercussions from the Virginia Tech shootings. There will be ten thousand school administrators and psychologists creating new screening protocols, and it will not help anything. The same thing happened after Columbine and that didn't prevent this. Bad people that want to do bad things will succeed. The good news is that it is not likely that will affect you. STOP BEING AFRAID.


LiteraryTorsion said...

Great post.

I think they should be screening for obvious weapons. No guns, knives, etc. Forcing mothers to take a sip of their own breast milk is not only strange, but kind of gross.

To quote Benjamin Franklin, "Beer is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy." ;)

Or was I thinking of this one? "The man who trades freedom for security does not deserve nor will he ever receive either."

Ben Franklin was a genius.

Thorne said...

Good one. I decided to cruise the blogosphere and pick a small blog to feed, and you're it! I like your stuff so far. Keep it up. You;ll find your voice. Stop by and see me, if you're not askeert!! LOL

LiteraryTorsion said...

I'm askeerd mama, very askeerd.

Thanks for the confidence. If you have any advice on layouts or anything really, please feel free to let me know.